About Us


Hives and More was started with the idea of bringing equipment and education to beekeepers. We want to offer new idea is our “Stingless” feeder for those of you who may be a little bit more reluctant to get close to bees. We wanted to create interest with new beekeepers both young and old to help grow our shortage of honey bees across North America. We don’t claim to be any better than any other source, we just hope to be able to become a source you come to rely on for education, support and supplies as you grow your hobby. Don’t let the word hobby give you the idea that we aren’t ready and able to supply the commercial beekeeper as well. Our abilities are great and our ambition is greater. If you have need for a few hundred or a few thousand boxed give us a call to see if we might be a good fit for you and your business. Our website is new and basic but we have plans to grow the site with more products, videos and a forum so you can get answers first hand from fellow beekeepers.