Cypress Hive Body (brooder), 8 Frame, Box Jointed

As your colony grows you’ll want to add components to take advantage of the honey production or you may want to split your hive. If you’re like most people you’ll probably prefer parts that match your starter hive. This Hive Body matches our Premium Starter Kit and features our standard Box Joint on the corners.  All Boxes, Frames and Foundations is proudly made in America.

Use the drop down menu to select:

  • unassembled
  • unassembled with unassembled pine frames and Black wax coated plastic foundation
  • assembled
  • assembled with assembled pine frames and black wax coated plastic foundation

These parts are made of Cypress and feature our box joint for easy assembly. Components assemble to a finished size of  9-5/8" x  13-3/4" x 19 7/8" outside.

$ 22.50

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