Nucs (5 Frame Colony of Bees)

A Nuc is 5 frames of bees that has been established through a "split" of a larger hive, the introduction of a queen and a little time for everyone to get acquainted. It contains established brood, honey, bees and a Mated Queen. The 5 frames and the bees are usually transferred to your own box but can be sold with the box as well. Nucs have become popular as "cottage" hives for small backyards and gardens. A full NUC Honey Super weighs half (about 40lbs) of a 10 frame hive.

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 Nucs prices depend on the availability , so please call for the cost of a Nuc.

NUCs are generally available all year round. Please call for availability.

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Pick up hours are by Appointment Only. Please do not stop by expecting a NUC to be available.