Top Bar Hives

Top Bar Hives (TBH) are by far the easiest way for a home hobbyist beekeeper to keep bees. It is a more natural environment for the bees, it requires little lifting and the hive is at a comfortable working height. It's great for young and old and is easily kept by those with disabilities. A TBH requires little to no investment after the sale, there are no honey supers to purchase, no frames or foundation and TBH's require little care.

A TBH is easily started with package bees, a swarm or the top bars can be placed in a standard Langstroth Hive to start a colony then moved to the TBH. The bees will naturally build out the honey comb and fill it with pollen, eggs and honey. As the hive grows the frames farthest way from the colony will be filled with pure honey , yours for the taking. Simply lift them out, brush off the bees and take them in for harvesting.


Pine Top Bar Hive Pine Top Bar Hive - H01-TBH-P $ 289.95
Top Bar Hive Viewing Window Top Bar Hive Viewing Window - H01-TBH-VW $ 49.95
Inside Feeder Inside Feeder - H01-TBH-IF $ 12.95
Basic Tool Starter Kit Basic Tool Starter Kit - BTSK $ 48.95
Premium Tool Starter Kit Premium Tool Starter Kit - PTSK $ 145.99
Beetle Jail With Adapter on Follower Board Beetle Jail With Adapter on Follower Board - M01-Btle Jail w/adaptor $ 10.00
5 Frame Hive Conversion Rack 5 Frame Hive Conversion Rack - H01-5CR-C $ 39.95