Pine Top Bar Hive

Our Top Bar Hive is crafted of handpicked US grown Northern White Pine. Northern White Pine is not naturally resistant to weathering  so painting or staining is required. The main body of our TBH comes assembled using box joints and the top is also assembled creating a unique tapered effect enhancing the "curb appeal" of the hive.  Hive has 25 Bars and a Follower Board.  Hive size is 19" wide x 36" long and 10" Deep..

Features unique to our TBH include: 

  • Solid Northern White Pine Construction

  • Screen Bottom with a pull out tray to check for mites

  • Pine Follower Board 

  • Both ends come with two 1" holes (One on the Top and one on the Bottom) 

  • 25 Notched Pine Top Bars for self-alignment in the hive 

  • Grooved Pine Top Bars will handle installation of wax coated plastic Starter Strips 16" x 1 1/2".

  • UPSable design, little assembly required with included hardware. 

  • Inside size is 36" Long, 19" Wide and 10" Deep


$ 289.95

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